Get Published collects and tracks media outlets so that freelance writers can find suitable places to pitch and publish their work. All outlets are categorised, and the complete list can be filtered into these categories, making it easy to find outlets relevant to your area. Popularity is a proxy value and measures the outlet’s number of followers across social media. It’s meant as a simple way to gauge how large the outlet is. Growth measures how the following has changed over the past month and is useful to spot outlets that might not be the largest right now but that are growing fast.

There is also a How to pitch section that gathers links to various resources on how to pitch to outlets. These can be successful writers sharing advice on Twitter, seasoned editors putting together their experiences in receiving and assessing pitches, or links to pitch guides and similar at specific outlets.

Get Published currently lists more than 1,000 outlets and is constantly growing, please submit suggestions for additions and updates.

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